Aims and Objectives of K Tahta Armenian Community Sunday School
  • We provide an inclusive education to promote a better knowledge of the Armenian language and a better understanding of Armenian culture.
  • We work closely with our teachers, parents and students to provide an exciting, relevant curriculum. At the moment there are parallel classes in eastern and western Armenian and, last year, a ‘Mothers and Toddlers’ class was set up for children aged one and older.
  • We promote language learning based on the Can Do statements of the Languages Ladder. These describe what students can do with language at a certain level in terms of actual outcomes. Our emphasis is on developing the four main skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing.
  • We sponsor cultural and exchange visits to Armenia.
  • We promote a better understanding of Armenian culture through singing, drama and dancing activities.
  • We provide a safe, stimulating environment where students from all kinds of background can come together to learn, as well as develop life-long friendships and interests.
  • We promote good citizenship and mutual respect while appreciating our very special Armenian heritage.
  • We value and reward the efforts of every individual student to progress their work and realise their fuller potential.
  • We work in close partnership with parents and Friends of the school to promote all the aims and objectives listed above.